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Soft as a Rock provides coaching, courses, and easy-to-learn skills for anyone to feel calm and present when public speaking.

If you want to feel grounded and settled, whether talking spontaneously or in a formal setting, Soft as a Rock will give you what you need to speak confidently and easily. 

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Hi, I'm Sarah, and I want to help you master the art of speaking publicly.

I love public speaking and I want you to feel as confident in front of that room as you have ever felt.

If you lead people or are a teacher, instructor or trainer, musician, performer, ritual leader, master of ceremonies or frequently find yourself in a professional setting with everyone's attention directed your way, I can help you refine your technique so that you feel grounded and confident in front of your audience. Let's work together to increase your skills so you have a growing sense of ease when speaking to groups of people.

I am confident that you can speak and be soft as a rock.

About Sarah

You can learn the skills to feel confident that you are connecting deeply, and purposefully with your audience. 

Let's work together to amplify your voice.

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5-Week Challenge

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Are you ready to show up with presence, honor self, sensitivity and vulnerability, and make space to listen to your inner voice?

The Soft As A Rock 5-Week Challenge is for you!


What is the 5-week challenge?

✔️ The Five-Week Challenge is a live weekly session where we will gather as a group to learn and explore skills for public speaking.

✔️ Each week, we will discuss fundamentals and deepen understanding of our existing habits and roadblocks for showing up in front of a group.

✔️ Each participant will walk away with practical skills that can be used immediately.

Whether you are introducing someone on Zoom, welcoming a roomful of people to an event, or taking your turn speaking in a meeting, you will feel more confident, less anxious, and fully yourself each time you open your mouth. 

How does the 5-week challenge work?

When you sign up, you’ll receive an email with all the details, plus weekly reminders to log into the group video calls. You'll have the option to join the Zoom sessions live, or watch the recordings afterwards.

Our online learning platform will provide all handouts, worksheets, and links you need to track your learning and practice the skills you learn each week.

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Who is this challenge for?

Anyone who wants to show up with presence, whole self, sensitivity and vulnerability. Artists, spiritual leaders, professionals, PhD students - you can have lots of experience public speaking or it can be something very new to you. 

Even if you've been told you have to change your personality, this challenge will give you skills to make space to listen to your inner voice.

This challenge is especially designed to lift up sensitive souls – people who feel reluctant to speak due to shyness or self doubt.

It will be a good fit for you if you have some facility with your public voice, want to strengthen your public voice, or if you’re just getting started with public speaking in a new role.


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What are the dates of the challenge?

The inaugural fall 2022 challenge takes place on Thursdays, from November 10th through December 15th, 4:00-5:15 PM ET. You can access the recordings on-demand for one month, through January 15, 2023.

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